How to get songs from itunes onto my razr?

I have a razr and its silver and I just got a USB cord for it and I hooked it up and then went to itunes and now I dont know how to put the music I want on my phone. who ever knows what they are talking about please help me! I did what other people said but it didnt work.

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To access the Media Player:

* From the Standby screen, press Menu (The [–] button) and highlight Games & Apps. Press Select (Figure 1).
* Scroll down to Digital Audio Player and press Select (Figure 2).

The Media Player lets you organise Playlists (Figure 3), or search your music by Artists (Figure 4), Albums, Songs and Genres, and then play them either through your handset’s speaker or listen to them on your headphones.

* Select one of these options to access the music catalogued under each of these headings by pressing Play (Figure 5).
* Alternatively choose the song, artist, album or genre you want to listen to and press Play.
* When playing music, pressing Left or Right on the central direction buttons scrolls through the track listing, and the Menu button (The [–] button), pauses the track. The Up and Down buttons let you browse the tracks in that playlist.

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