how do i decide between figure skating and gymnastics?

right i wanna start figure skating( i did it before but i wanna again)iv still got my skates and all that but i also realy wanna do gymnastics but i cant chose? do i have to chose???

Answer #1

How much time do you have? Both take a lot of dedication…go with the one you do best.

Answer #2

I have to agree with Phrannie here…both take loads of hours & dedication, and not just 2 hours a day but lots more…if you think you can do 8 hours a day of gymnastics & 8 hours a day of figure skating every single day 7 days a week then by all means…but you will crash & burn guaranteed because you just wont have the strength to do it…maybe you will for a month or 2 until finals then bam…you will fall flat like a sack of potatoes… choose one that you feel more confidant in…if it is gymnastics then go for it…100% total dedication…or figure skating…and do that 100% total dedication that way at least you will be 100% in at least one of them rather then be 50 % in both or less in either!

here is a suggestion…

  1. try 1 season of each separately…see where you strongest points are gymnastics or figure skating…
  2. once you have figured out what you are stronger in choose to go for it 100%!

good luck to you no matter what you choose!

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