Annoying brothers

I have two annoying brothers who always fight..when I try to stop them they don’t listen, what should I do?

Answer #1

You can’t stop your brother fighting, Im assuming they are young. Just leave the room whenever they fight, our get one of your parents to stop them fighting.

Its just a phase they’ll stop fighting so much eventually.

Answer #2

Boys will be boys. Leave it alone.

Answer #3

tell your mum! honestly! you’re lucky they fight with each other and not you! my big brother used to pin me down and get my little brother to kick me!!! now that sucked!

honest, siblings fight (at least most of them) that’s what they do…just tell your mum, I’m sure she is as sick of them fighting as I am of my kids! but it’s part of development…

Answer #4

just let your parents take care of them…if you try to get involved then u’ll end up in the fight as well sibling never listen to there older siblings..believe me I know I have a younger brother and we use to fight all the time.

Answer #5

You’ll just have to deal with it. I have three brothers and they fight like cats and dogs from the time they get home from school until the time they fall asleep.

Answer #6

I have them do you just have to deal with it, just focus on the nice things!

Answer #7

I wish I had two brothers that fought I have one younger and the only thing he can find to fight with is me but I dont hate him hes my brother

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