How do I copy a dvd

How do I copy a dvd to my computer so I can have it later? I know how to burn them. I have vista

Answer #1

This has been made pretty much impossibe as it is illegal. There are ways of doing it, but you’ll need a PC whizz or a special program!

Answer #2

So the law don’t care!! Try different ways of doing it. It will be impossible to do it using Power DVD or windows media player. Try this:

  1. put your dvd in.
  2. go in to my computer and right-click on the dvd icon (it should be called the name of the film)
  3. once right clicked click explore. copy all the files in to a folder and somewhere else. this might not work.
Answer #3

im not trying to sell it!!! just watch it later cause its my husbands friends and he needs it back

Answer #4

Backing up to a DVDs to your computer is truly a good idea to preserve them for years.

Download DVD Shrink and load the DVD into your computer’s DVD drive. Wait for the drive to recognize the disc, then open DVD Shrink. You can find the program’s shortcut in the “Programs” menu of the Start Menu. Click on “Open Disc” in the main program window. Select your DVD drive from the list of drives and click “OK.” It will take some time and when it’s completely downloaded; click the “Backup.”

Answer #5

O, you can use Longo DVD Copy from to copy DVDs to your hard drive or burn DVDs to blank discs easily.

Answer #6

You can use dvd copy to do that and it is very convenient to do it.

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