How can I make a copy of a DVD for a friend?

How do I burn a DVD to make a copy for a friend

Answer #1

First you need to rip the content of DVD out to your computer. So I think you need 3rd party software like Aimersoft DVD Ripper to help you. Then burn the ripped content into DVDs. Still, I prefer to the software product of Aimersoft called DVD Creator. It’s powerful. Actually, if you are using the Mac OS, Aimersoft DVD Copy for Mac can help to copy DVD movie in 1:1 ratio like copy DVD5 to DVD5 and copy DVD9 to DVD9 easily. Hope to help you. Aimersoft DVD Ripper: Aimersoft DVD Creator: Aimersoft DVD Copy for Mac:

Answer #2

If this is a movie DVD and it’s made by sony you can’t do it legally and doing it illegally isn’t easy at all. first you will need recordable double layer DVD’s then a program like InterVideo DVD Copy but this probably will not get you passed the license. the best way is to just buy it on ebay or amazon.

Answer #3


Most computers come with CD/DVD burning software already installed. Popular ones are Roxio, Nero, and some music players.

You need a DVD burner to copy it, obviously. If you don’t have DVD burning software installed, you can download a free version from this list:

(Although I can’t help you, because I’ve never used any of them).

I’m not sure how reliable those are, so I’d recommend downloading and purchasing something like Nero ( which costs money but is reliable.

Also, many DVDs have anti-piracy features, which can’t even be broken by Nero. In that case, you’re out of luck.

Hope that helps.

Answer #4

You have to have a computer that has the program installed or a dvd recorder. It’s similar to making a copy of a cd. But most importantly you should remember, DO NOT SELL IT, because then you can go to jail.

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