how do I change the e-mail on the ipod? I NEED A QUICK ANSWER please?

ok so my grandmother bought my 9 year old cousin an ipod touch. she doesn’t know how to use it, and it’s his first ipod. so I downloaded itunes on his laptop, and I made him an e-mail so that he can be able to download apps. then I took the ipod with me home so I can download apps for him so that when he wakes up tomorrow he’ll have his ipod new and filled with games and cool stuff. I plugged the ipod into my laptop and it showed under devices on itunes. I did the settings and all that, but it didn’t ask for an e-mail or an account ID or anything. now I’m downloading his first app and it’s using MY account, how do I change that? I want it to use HIS e-mail, I’ll make him an account it’s not a problem, but how do I change that?

Answer #1

yup click on settings

Answer #2

You click settings and one of the options should be e mail

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