how do you send pictures from your mobile to your e-mail?

i need a bit of help, ive got a nokia phone (not sure what kind but a newish one) and no cords or anything to upload pictures to the internet…so how do i send pictures from my phone to my e-mail address? please help!

Answer #1

If it has bluetooth and your computer does, you can synch it that way.

If not, you can use an MMS message to send them from the phone to the computer.

If it has an SD card and you have a card reader on your computer, you can synch it that way.

Answer #2

I’ve been trying to find the @ e-mail address so you could e-mail a Nokia phone, I haven’t bee able to find a way to do it. As far as I know, Nokia phones are impossible to e-mail. Sorry

Answer #3

how can i mms a picture to my computer?

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