What Does Vvv or vvv or VVV mean? please answer I need to know?

Ok on a social site every1 puts liike vvv ya or something like that and its been driving me crazy I realy need to know

Answer #1


((TO THE RIGHT)) ^^ ((UP)) doesnt matter how many little V’s the put up, it just means the are pointing to something. But I like 2 use little arrows! ↑ (ALT 24) ↓ (ALT 25) → (ALT 26) ← (ALT 27) awesome isnt it? USE THE NUMBERS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE KEYBOARD TO USE THEM!

Answer #2

well theres a latin thing like that. it can mean: I came, I saw, a concured. sooo maybe someone was saying that they were at the social site? I have no clue. thats my guess.

Answer #3

I don’t know Why not ask someone who uses it like the first person said…

Answer #4

Arent they like little arrows?

Have you ever thought of just asking someone who uses them ? -_-

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