How do i become an m.d. or surgeon

what classes should I get into to become a m.d. or surgeon in orange county

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Well usually in any state there are certain guidelines you need to follow in order to become a Dr. If that's your dream then I would suggest you focus on taken plenty of Biology classes. Once you get to college they will help you map out the classes you need to accomplish your goal, if that's still it at the time. Nice to start thinking early.

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To become an MD, a pharmacist, a nurse, etc there are set courses.

First you must take your pre-med courses. This would be math, biology, chemistry, etc. Check with your college and they will have a list. THen you must successfully pass your entry exam prior to going to school to complete the degree.

In Pharmaceuticals its called P-Cat. This does not guarantee you entry to a med school. I'm not sure how med schools are, but I know Pharmacy only accepts roughly 60 new students per year.

Its a lengthy process and requires a great deal of time as far as studying goes. The higher your GPA and your test score, the more likely you will be accepted.

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