How do I make this kid in my class my friend?

Ok. There’s this kid in my class. And im like totally obssessed about him!!! He sits behind me in one of my classes. I talked to him many times(only when we are paired up as class partners) Sometimes i feel like just turning around and telling him that he the coolest kid eva!! But that would be creepy… I just want to be his friend. that’s alll… It’s just that… he reminds me of one of my favorite celebrities. Soo how do make him my friend??

Answer #1

well on way in which u can make him ur friend is just by talking to him in class or as some people do, pretend u dont understand somehing and let him explain it to you and when he done explaining you comment him and the while ur at it try to make jokes and make himlaugh, introduce yourself, and such forth, and just befor u go telll him uve made a fren today (maning him) and ull hope to talki to him someother time.but remember to do the same thing mayb the other day but not withthe helping of a problem as u and other frens would talk…and theres on more thing NEVER ask him to go out with u right away. let a 2 to 3 weeks past, by the time then you know more about eachother and become very close, or mayb even befor that 2 weeks come he might b the 1 asking u out .. goood luch wen u try this plz write me and tell me how it went.

                                                                                              chandra aka channy
Answer #2

I’ve found the best way to get to know someone better as a friend is to invite them to something with lots of other friends- like a party, ice skating or something social like that. Ask if they want to bring a friend (usually this makes them feel a bit easier about the situation). It’s a start, and who knows where it could go from there…? Good luck :)

Answer #3

look at what youre asking us, “how do i make-“ now stop for a second, you arent baking something, therefore you cant MAKE this kid your friend, regardless of how much you like him. im sorry but there is a negative perspective to this, you need to just tell him whatever you feel in a calm fashion, preferably outside of class where you arent making a public scene, and even if he says no to whatever you ask of him, its not the end of the world, i understand he was perfect, i understand he was the only one, but you need to understand that there will be someone more perfect in the next month.

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