How do I ask a guy out that is my best friend ever?

Im 15 and im madly in love with this guy and I know he likes me too. I don’t know what to do though? My mom said not to ask but it keeps bugging me, so I need a answer right now. But the bad thing is that I don’t want anyone to make fun of me because of it, cause I know they will.

Answer #1

Look I say go for it. Regret sucks. If you can say that you truely love this guy you should be asking anyone what you should do.He is your friend you bestfriend. I feel in love with my bestfriend but she didnt feel the same way . That is messed up believe me. But to know that he likes you is just saying that you have a developing friendship haha. ask him.

Answer #2

if you know he likes you and you guys are good friends then just tell him thats what happend with my friend and he was love of my life it didnt last forever but I dont regret it he was part of the best moments of my life and we are still good friends. Sometimes I wonder if we will get back together when were older because he says the only reason we broke was that he couldnt handle how great it was what we had and he was afraid hed give up his virginity before marriage.

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