What do I do if a guy asked me out but my friend still likes him?

Well, lets put it shortly. This guy I know he is my best guyfriend and he likes me but he has a girlfriend. So one day He asks me out and dumps his girlfriend..(who is one of my friends) so I ask her if it is going to be weird or anything and she says “well of course it will be weird because I still like him” then she asked me how much I liked him and I said 5 out of 10 and she said that she still liked him 10 out of 10 .. What do I do should deny his request or accept it!??!!

Answer #1

well if you wanna be a good friend then dont.thats like you gettin wit a guy then get dumped and he asks out your friend. but if you heeella like him then talk it out wit your friend. I wouldnt because that would make a friendship weird and if you dont get with the guy tell him you just wanna be friends.

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