Should I go for my best guy friend?

I am in love with my best guy friend!! we have been friends for ever and know I see that I am in love with him but I dont think he has the same feelings! so should I ask him out or try to find out if he likes me?? because I dont want to ruin our friendship if he does not like me!!

Answer #1

Try to find out if he likes you, but really subtly. If he does, WAIT before you say anything about your feelings. The worst thing that you could possibly do is take things too fast. i’ve been there. Just in case you haven’t already, think of why you like him. Do you like him for the right reasons and not just b/c he’s the most convenient guy for you to like? (been there too!) When you’re sure that you like him for the right reasons and you think that you guys could have a healthy, worthwhile relationship, tell him how you feel.

If hey doesn’t like you, then you’ll just have to move on. it sucks, but you’’ll get over it sooner than you think.

No matter what happens, the most importatn thing is keep your friendship intact!!!

good luck

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