How did this trend start?

I was just wondering where the idea came from to put tubes in your ear lobes? How is that a good look?? …and in 5 or 10 years, what are your earlobes going to look like?

Answer #1

ear stretching has been around for thousands of years and stretched piercings themselves are probably almost as old as piercing itself.

Ear lobe and ear rim piercings can be found in most tribal cultures, ear lobe stretchings can be found amongst the people of Northern India, Burma, ancient Egyptian culture (the mask of Tuttenkharmun has a stretched ear lobe) and African tribes in and around what is now Kenya. Ivory ear plugs are worn by African Samburu warriors whereas the Masai and Pokot peoples wear many rings in stretched ear lobes, this was also common practice with some of the plains tribes in North America.

as for how it’ll look in 5 or 10 years ( assuming you mean remmoving the piercing ) thats going to depend on the size that the piercing has been stretched to also the method of stretching is a factor and your age but if the ear was properly stretched it can have the ability to close back up but its has been known for only slightly stretched ears not to heal back up

hope I helped you :)

Answer #2

flesh tunnels xD really cool, gives character but it*s real painful to stretch them!!

Answer #3

I think those tribes do it for different reasons than the youth of today in western society.

Answer #4

Tribes have done it for thousands of years, its a part of their culture.

As for main stream society… I was 15? when this started surfacing in tattoo shops and piercing parlors and like many things I think it became mainstream by people attempting to differentiate themselves from “mainstream society”

I know my girlfriend and I went and got branded, got our tongues pierced, etc. when it was considered “taboo” to do so simply because we didn’t want to “fit in” to the mold that was at our highschool… now I’m 26 and it amazes me how getting your tongue pierced is now as common as piercing your ears.

As for long term effects, depending on the amount of time and how wide the lobe has been stretched, it is not likely that it will return to its natural size

Answer #5

Good explanation dooha538, glad I didn’t have to put in the effort!

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