What trend is in where you guys live?

okay so I live in hawaii and I wanna know what the style is on the mainland ! or anywhere else I guess! like over hear one of our booming trends was plaid,hello kitty other stuff. please tell me what trends are where you live! I wanna start a floar trend but just say

Answer #1

In New Zealand, A lot of people are wearing bows/ massive bows in their hair, and cardigans - mostly grey or black.

Answer #2

nice not to different from us

Answer #3

Anything from hollister, or abercrombie, uggs, vans, skinny jeans, and chocolate brown hair, light denim folded shorts, vnecks and any tank tops.

Answer #4

well hair: side bangs for girls short for boys clothes: skinny jeans layering tank tops logo t’s shoes: uggs high top kicks convers. glad to help!!!

Answer #5

Well here in texas it’s baggy shorts and loose t shirts for guys. and anything slutty for girls. there are still some who don’t do that but it’s the trend.

Answer #6

unfotunantly down here in australia a big trend seems to be dressing provicativley lots of ripped jeans, short dresses, even shorter shorts and tiny tops though of course not everyone is wearing this but a lot of girls seem to be in summer lots of girls were wearing short shorts and galdiator sandals now there wearing ripped jeans

Answer #7

on PEI, the bright colored skinny jeans are in, but so is american eagle. [ugh, I hate AE] andd…plaide. plaide is DEFINATELY in.

Answer #8

uggs & ripped jeans

layering tanks .. anything from hollister ): ew

tiny dresses

skinny jeans

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