how could you make homemade cheese sauce?

so my friends and I are cooking abunch of stuff lol

and we wanna make some homemade cheese sauce, bc we cant find our can of cheese sauce.. how would you do that..

and would boiling up abunch of slices of cheese work? or would that be gross?

Answer #1

ask jermey. use one of these but add a little bit of tabasco sause

Answer #2

Cheese sauce is made by creating a Bechamel sauce and adding cheese to it. To create a Bechamel, you must first create a blond roux.

Heat a couple of tablespoons of butter until melted, then whisk in small portions of flour at a time until it reaches the consistency of wallpaper paste. Generally, it will take the same amount of flour as butter to achieve this. Then cook off the the proteins in the flour until it turns a uniform shade of white and begins to smell slightly nutty. This is your roux. Then slowly whisk in small portions of scaled milk until the mixture stays liquid. If it becomes fluid then reverts back to a paste after the milk is incorporated, add more milk. Once the mixture stays liquid, you have your Bechamel.

From here, add any cheese you want, and it will blend evenly into the sauce. Simply melting a bunch of cheese will result in hot, runny cheese for a few minutes, but it will quickly harden and become greasy.

Answer #3

Flour, milk and cheese ina pan for about 10 minutes…use a lot more cheese than flour and milk though…otherwise it wont taste like cheese… Xo:)

Answer #4

I got this recipe that consists of shredded white chicken, shredded cheese, cream cheese, hot sauce, ranch, and blue cheese. I know it sounds gross but its the best ever, you can dip anything in it. If you want the recipe message me or something.

Answer #5

Oh and make sure you stir it REALLY well because it goes all lumpy if you dont lol… Xo:)

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