Making homemade pizza for a party

how do you make homemade pizza (be very specific)

Answer #1

are you making personal sized pizzas, or giant normal pizzas? big pizzas you need to make the crust. I have a recipe at home…funmail me if you want it. if you’re making personal sized pizzas, buy pillsbury biscuits. flatten them until they’re 6 or 8 inches around, and use THEM as the crust. after your crust is made, use a spoon and ladle some pizza sauce (homemade, or storebought) onto your crust. enough to cover the crust thinly, but completely. (unless you like a lot of sauce. you really can’t screw this part up…just put some sauce on it.) then goes your cheese, (mozzarella is normal pizza cheese, but feel free to experiment.) the more cheese you put on, the longer it’ll have to cook. then toppings. pepperoni, sausage, blah blah blah; or if you feel like ruining it, throw on some pineapple. then cook it. normal sized pizzas have to cook in an oven for like a half hour. the small ones are like 10 or 15 minutes. making pizzas would be a fun party activity…that one get’s my vote. best of luck, live the dream.

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Answer #3

right this may be cheating a little!! but.. by packet mix for the base!! it sounds skanky but it does taste good and it never goes wrong. then just put on the tin tomatoes and cheese and all the toppings. you could also try and stuff the crust by rolling the base out into desired size, a border of cheese round the edge then fold the crust over! its good!

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