How could I lose weight really fast with no ex or pill

How could I find a fast easy way to lose pounds before I go back to school that doesn’t involve pills or ex ?

Answer #1

weight loss does NOT happen fast it happens GRADUALLY and it can take months to loose weight and see results not hours, not days, not weeks…MONTHS healthy eating and regular exercise is the only right way to loose weight anything else will either damage your health make you gain all the weight back and then some or do both and first you need to see a doctor and get your bmi (body mass index) calculated for your height and age he/she will tell you what weight range your in and how much you need to loose/gain if your not in the healthy weight range see a doctor first because you may not need to loose any weight

Answer #2

The government funded a study a few years back on how to lose weight. They spent about $20 million, and the results were…

…eat less, and exercise more.

(true story)

Answer #3

Excersise is a very important part of you do it to get thin or do it to stya thin.or di it cause you love is heathly none the less and it would be wrong and stupid of you to try and cut that out of your life..

Answer #4

Only two safe ways to lose weight. 1.) Eat less 2.) Move more (I.e. exercise)

Preferably both. You’re young and it’s summer. If you stay active - swim, hike, bike, dog walk, mow lawns, etc - it will seem natural and not like exercise. Your main job will be to NOT eat high calorie foods. Go for fruits, and water when ever you can.

Good Luck!!

Answer #5

but eating less isnt always the best option especially if she doesnt eat much in ther first place its eating healthier foods

Answer #6

idont think their is an easy way to lose weight without excercise…

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