how can you tell of your having a boy or a girl?

So I’m not preg or anything I swear but I was wondering like I heard if your hair starts thinning a lot your having a girl…so ya. Like how can you tell?

Answer #1

if its a girl the tummy is ussually bigger but I don’t know fosho

Answer #2

You cant. You get an ultrasound.

Answer #3

HAHAHAHA! Sperm doesnt have a gender dear. Oh and all babies start out as female. I don’t know why but they do.

Answer #4

ya you cant tell but I heard that if you have sex close to the time of your period your more likely to have a boy verses having a girl if you have sex a long time before your period because the boy sperm swim faster but die sooner and the girl sperm swims slow but can outlive the boy sperm.

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