How long does it take to tell that a girl is pregnant?

My friend told me today that she’s pregnant. For some reason, I can’t believe her. I mean I dont know her THAT well but I just cant believe MY friend is pregnant..shes 17!! anyways I was wondering when girls start showing that they are pregnant because according to her, this thursday is gonna be 3 months, but I cant tell at all!

Answer #1

Well, I had a friend who just had a son and I believe she didn’t start showing signs until about 4 months into her pregnancy. Give it time, your friend will eventually show signs.

Answer #2

you usually dont show till4-6 months so dont be worried

Answer #3

sum girLs dOn’t shO Any signz untiL they are 4 tO 5 mOnths Or sO … just giv it time and wit time u’LL find Out …

Answer #4

Around 4 months I think. A close friend of mine is fourteen and pregnant. She has only just started showing and she’s four months.

Answer #5

yeah for the avaerage woman its around 4-6 months…

but some go through their whole pregancy without even showing any signs…

and some may show only in their first month…

Answer #6

1-4 months is mostly bloating and water retintion. You look like you just ate to much doughnuts.

5-9 months is when your belly starts to show and become hard.

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