How can you go to jail for being the victim in a street fight?

Ok, so my friend got in a fight, and someone called the cops. They took both of them into custody, and let them call one person each. But, that’s all I know of, so would he go to jail if he was not the one who started the fight? And if so, what are the charges?

Answer #1

it depends on if and how badly he hurt the other person if he was the victim in the fight he obviously needs to state that and say that he fought out of self defence

Answer #2

Only if he caused grievous bodily harm to the other party without the other having done or attempted similar or worse

Answer #3

Yeah, especially if the person pressed charges..

Answer #4

If he swung back, or hurt anyone.

Disorderly conduct, battery, assult. Doubt battery tho.

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