Street fighting asap

Ok I know some of you may say that fighting is retarded and we should try to back out of it but as soon as someone trys to fight me after they take that first hit its almost like a shot of adrenaline kicks in and thats what I’ve relyed on to take them out or certain moves but I’ve been experimeanting on pressure points and such to take my friends down and they say that if we wer fighting theyd be down fast and im wondering what are good moves and tips

Answer #1

bimjob it was in self defense but I got suspended because I was the only one standing after

Answer #2

Martial arts experts will tell you that control is as important as having the “moves”. If you don’t learn how to control your anger, you are going to have a rough life. You got suspended that time. Will it be expelled or jail next time???

Good Luck!!

Answer #3

I dont want to kill the guy just imobilize him for protection so that I dont have to and that way nobody ends up in a hospital because that adrenaline is crazy I took 5 kids on and took them all out but ended up getting suspended I just want it to be a quik thing to put them down so I can walk away and nobody ends up getting hurt bad

Answer #4

I try to stay out of fights but when someones talking sh*t its like, dude now I gotta takeyourassout, son. :]] yeah I know what you mean. when I fight I just kinda don’t think about my ‘moves’ I just focus my anger and let the adrenaline take its course oohhh and I hate when people cat fight pisses me off.

Answer #5

honestly, pressure points are probably useless in a street fight. its going to be fast, you’re not going to be thinking, and yo’ll be hard pressed to focus on reaching those specific spots.

however, its important to know that the upward force of a knee to the ribcage can exert up to 2000 lbs of pressure, and also that your elbow is a natural knife. Keeping that in mind, you can defend yourself without fancy moves, but if you go looking for trouble, the ones who dont run away will probably have you eating pavement

Answer #6

a question on hints and tips to fighting!!! pressure points and stuff! seriously!!! I’ve fought many times stupidly and irresponsibly! it gets you no where! a few years ago I was asking the same question! I learnt moves and stuff and when I used them it made the situation worse because I hurt the person more!! dont ask usk to help you fight its stupid ull get frowned upon!!!

Answer #7

You should really grow up.

Answer #8

With that adrenaline you could maim someone, or yourself, or worse and end up with a jail sentence - worth it ?

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