How can this be true when they say its healthy to have a big butt?

I was reading to this one peace in a magazine it said thats its healthy to have a big butt they say scientists say its better to have a big bum than to have fat around your wayst or heaps do you guys believe that they say its better to have those fat rather in that bum than anywere else?

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Having butt fat doesn't really hurt anything, as opposed to fat in other areas. For example, stomach fat has been linked to heart disease.

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I feel I might know the article your talking about and if it is they were speaking about wide hips being healthy cause it's a sign of fertility.

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That piece in the magazine was stating (studies revealed) that woman who are predisposed to having big butts etc. Have been found to be healthier. It's not saying for woman to go out and gain weight to get healthy.

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Well, fat actually does have a purpose. It insulates cells, protects organs from disease, and balances hormones, and is something your body needs. And yes, lower body fat is healthier- you need more lower body fat (like your butt) than upper body fat, although you need some of that too. Hope I helped :)

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