How can my boyfriend stop his groin area from smelling?

My boyfriend is 20 years. old. He’s about 5’6” and 380lbs. Everytime he takes off his pants to just relax in his boxers, I smell a really bad odor. Also I really want to give him oral, but when ever I try, I gag on the smell and it’s just unbearable. Is there anything he can do to mae ths smell go away? I don’t think it’s from sweatig because he can take a shower…and as soon as he gets out the smll isstill there! Please help, is there anything he can do?

Answer #1

Ya jer67joe your just so rude for saying that dude. It wouldn’t be nice if she told you your girlfriend was fat. Just don’t worry about it hisbabygirl4everily jerks are everywhere.

Answer #2

thank you for the advice mommabear75 we will try that…butger67joe thats just mean… He does wash it very well, and it doesn’t help, it smells even after he gets done washing it. and I love his weight, I love him the way he is.

Answer #3

The smell is from the shed skin tissue combined with the sweat when he does sweat and being in a warm moist environment. Especially if he is a large man like you describe and there might be folds there.

Ever put your finger in your belly button right out of the shower and smelled it? It’s not pleasant. Same theory applies here.

An anti-fungal cream will help as well as using a powder when he dries off out of the shower. He’ll have to use it every time though. Gold Bond makes a good powder but the baby powder works too and is usually less expensive. Balmex is a great one.

A good exfoliating body wash works wonders too.

Answer #4

Tell him to loose weight and wash

Answer #5

momma bear is right! stop having sexual relations with ur boyfriend until he sees a dctor! im very large myself! i am 6’6 315 pounds of muscle! cuz i play football! n not once have i ever smelled myself

Answer #6

Another good product for keeping man parts clean and smelling fresh is ToppCock gel. It contains natural anti-microbial ingredients such such silver nanoparticles and tea tree oil which keep bacteria, fungi and viruses at bay.

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