How can I write a speech about the lords prayer?

For my confirmation class I have to write a wittness statement. And my topic is the lords prayer. So I have to write about it and it’s due one week from now. I don’t know how to put it together so does anyone want to give me a hand and tell me about the lords prayer? Like tell me what you think about it and what it’s about and what not. Thanks. :]

Answer #1

I think the Lords Prayer puts everything that we could ever pray about in a simple prayer. “Thy kingdom come thy will be done” for me it’s asking his Kingdom to come into us you know have Jesus dwell in us so that we can do His will that is in Heaven, on earth. “Give us this day our daily bread” I think literally and figuratively. Depend on God for our needs He will provide. And maybe it is also like the bread being God so like our daily walk with God. “And forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors” forgive us for what we do so we can forgive those who have done us wrong. It’s this short prayer that is so powerful and really covers all prayers. Thats what I think at least.

Answer #2

utopia is right say what it means to u I dont belive in god but my mom thinks I do so im I a class to

Answer #3

Perhaps you should recite the prayer and see what it means to you. It is wrong to want to cheat and get the answer for your confirmation class. If the prayer means so little to you that you want someone to basically write the paper then you should not be in a confirmation class.

Answer #4

I don’t want to cheat and I’m not. I’ve read a lot of stuff about the lords prayer and the petitions. I don’t want anyone to basically write this for me. All I want to know is your oppinions on prayer and what you think about it. I’m not going to use that because it’s YOUR oppinions but I’m a person who needs some kind of example to get going. When I reread what I asked before it does sound like I want to cheat and I idn’t mean to make it sound that way. -_-

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