Do you pray the lord's prayer and include the apostle's creed?

Ok followers of christ, as true christians, do you pray the lord’s prayer and include praying/reciting the apostle’s creed?

Answer #1

In my traditional church home, yes. In my current one, not usually. We live in France and English-speaking evangelical churches are few and far between! All of us in our multi-national church have to make compromises in terms of tradition and practice. Sometimes it’s difficult but it’s good for us.

Answer #2

At Denver Seminary where our pastor was getting his doctorate, one of the professors asked the class, who does. Two out of the 21raised their hands. “Shame on you!” was the profs reply, “You see these two here, they are doing the right thing in leading their congregations.” Our pastor was one of the two.

This year our church is celebrating its 85th anniversary in town, now at its second location, and soon to be in a larger facility.

The creed explains Christ’s Church.

Answer #3

I think that is a tradition in some churches, mostly Methodist. I personally do not.

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