How can i straighten my member?

How do I make my big member straighten up? It has always had a curve in it and I don't liken that. Oh the size is good and everything and girls like it too but, oh how I wish it was straight, then it'd be perfect!

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Yeah, dude. Plus, you may find that that curve can be utilized to stimulate a very special spot inside a girl. If you are really serious about changing its shape, though, I'm afraid that nothing short of surgery would do the trick. If I were you, I wouldn't let anyone get anywhere near it with a knife, MD or not.

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You can't straighten the curve and it is normal. I am being serious when I say, the more curved and smaller a penis is at rest, the more tense it actually is. The penis is composed of spongy muscle tissue, and when you have an erection the muscles relax allowing blood to rush in causing it to grow. That is just the form that God wanted you to have! (:

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Yeah..most defintely some good advice here, so yes this as helpful (: lol

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what is your big member?

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