Should the government be doing more for those who care for family members suffering from dementia?

It’s been shown that an increase of depression and rage accompany people who are caring for a loved one with a psychological disorder. Are there enough resources to help these people or does the government need to offer more aid?

Answer #1

Im not sure how this works anywhere except NZ, but I would say yes. Not just for families of dementia patients, but of anyone with neurodegenerative disorders, or long-term disability from brain injury (such as post-stroke). Caring for disabled relatives its a huge undertaking, both physically and emotionally. My mother works with dementia patients and the majority of rest homes are terrible. Most of them are understaffed, do not have enough resources and exist only to make a profit without being over concerned with for the needs of the residents.

Answer #2

I dont know of any bill or government program that addresses dementia. But there’s long term care partnership programs in almost every state these days to help you avail affordable policies so you wont run out of budget. The other option is buy private insurance.

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