How can I put up my posters without hurting the wall?

Ok so I have this posters I wanna put up. But my parents are not letting me thay say it gonna mess up are wall. Ugh!! Is there away I can put up my posters with out hurting the wall? Please help thnxx

Answer #1

use blue tac it works and doesn’t wreck the wall

Answer #2

well when you pull the blu-tack off it could pull the wallpaper/paint off with it - I would try white-tack, its less sticky so won’t damage the walls. or you could stick them to your wardrobe door, I use both these ideas and they work great for me :)

Answer #3

blue tack…

toothpaste also works but when it dries and you scrape it off it could damage the paper…

edit:… tack.gif

Answer #4

Blu-tack or 3M Poster Strips

Answer #5

blue tack sounds good but also try tape.

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