How can I put on a small amount of weight healthily?

I am very thin and I dont have a good diet, I think I may have a partial eating disorder as it runs in my family. I am 14 and I want to gain some weight in a healthy way, but not too much that I get really fat.

Answer #1

Maybe you wanna try sports? Do some sort of training to build up muscle-mass. That will also increase your appetite. Regular training will prevent you from becoming a fattie couch-potatoe. It will be good for your health in general.

Answer #2

Obviously… get a better diet…

Weight gain is ALWAYS gradual. You don’t just become fat overnight, its impossible.

Answer #3

Sports is always great for anything. At your age you could start lifting weights. It’ll make your body more toned and you’ll gain weight in muscle mass. And also, the person above is right, you can eat more, you wont get fat overnight.

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