How can i please my girlfriend with kissing?

My girlfriend is well fit but I dont no how to giv her a nice time with a kiss help please!!!

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kiss her upper body like on her neck and sholders.

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Build it tup. start gentle and slow and gradually get more pasionate. dont go straight in at the deep ned but also dont go slow and boring all the way through !!

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Girls love a man who can follow in a kiss just as much as someone who can lead. Keep your eyes closed and focus only on the kiss, but don't over-think. Try to go with the flow and feel your partner's movements. My girlfriend and I have great bodily communication (meaning we are able to follow each other's lip/ head movements). What I would suggest is that you start off with gentle kissing and slowly progress from there. BUT only increase the intensity when you have a bit of an understanding of the kissing style of your partner at each step.

So start with gentle kissing and then once you have a feel for it and you're confident enough, increase the intensity slightly and then repeat this process until things get feisty, haha. Using your tongue to gently and quickly caress her lips. This is hard to explain, but basically while you are kissing, but if you place your tongue over your bottom lip and then quickly use it to brush her lips when you move in, this can feel quite pleasant for her. My girlfriend actually likes it when I use my teeth to brush her lips.

There are so many things you can try. Just remember that it never hurts to ask your partner what she enjoys.

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