how can I make my breast small?

im 15 years old and my breast are very big for my body.I have a very very small breast looks like a slipper and they have stretch mark on them. I feel very uncomfortable when guys look at me knowing that they are long. I would like to wear strapless dresses /without braws

Answer #1

1/4-1/2 cup pumpkin seeds and 2 tsp. cod liver oil per day might reduce sag. And ya try exercise.

Answer #2

A surgical breast reduction would probably be the only safe way that you can reduce your breasts.

Exercise can also make your breast smaller (but it doesn’t always work for all women)

Answer #3

Theres a way to work out your breast wich removes the fat but builds the muscle so no matter how much you do or do not eat they will stay the same

you put your arms in a hoop shape then grab each hands wrist with the other hand and twist outward and move your arms toward you then do the oposite and repeat :)

Answer #4

they make bras that are strapless… you could look into that. Or even talk to your parents about breast reductions.

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