How can I hide a tattoo until I move out?

For YEARS I’ve wanted a tattoo. I’ve known everything from the design,place it’ll be on my body,even who will tattoo me. It’s a (max) 2inch tall black butterfly on my left hip bone, but near my groin. I’ve told my parents over the years but they’ve always shrugged it off. I’m 19 now, pay rent, am saving for my own place,have a full time job, car etc. But they are very strict and I know they’ll do something like kick me out if it was ever found. I’m getting it done in two weeks but the only thing scaring me is the thought of being left homeless. I would have it done when I move out but my boyfriend doesn’t finish uni for 4 years and even then, with house prices the way there are I don’t think I’ll have enough money…My parents are very strict Italians, however I’ve always been a good girl and am becoming independent. I’ve wanted this for me (hence where I want the tattoo)…I have the money and I want this 100% but I don’t want to end up on the street. I can hide it for a few years surely? Any advice would be great, thanks.

Answer #1

sure, just dont wear anything that will have the chance to reveal it when youre around your parents.

Answer #2

No sexy low cut bikins in front of your parents for you!

It’s simple enough, my friend got a home made one from my girlfriend on her right hip bone, and no one has seen it or found out. Lol, it’s maybe a 1.5 inch Super Mario mushroom

Don’t worry, they won’t find out.

Answer #3

just make sure its always covered up ware they cant see it

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