Is there a way to hide an upper arm tattoo from my mom?

Is there a way of hiding a upper arm tattoo from my mom who is insisting that I cant until I meet my grandparents which is gonna be in months or many years? I drew a custom made design for the tattoo i want and im 18 but my mom is afraid of my dad or grandparents seeing it…so I wonder if i can buy something to hide or cover it and how to hide it until I move out? Ugh…I might move out in a few years but i dont wanna wait to get one…HELP MEH!

Answer #1

They make tattoo concealers now days. I would do some research on those :)

Answer #2

yeah, I agree. concealers is best way to hide that tattoo.

Answer #3

wear a long sleeve or and i shirt with a short sleeve that covers ur upper arm

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