How can i help my baby girl ?

Iam amother of 2 years and 9 months baby girls I checked her ears and she is fine . She is repeating words all the time she understand everything I told her to do . She is listening to me . She know around 20 to 30 words and she point to the animals I said . E.g where is the horse she point to the horse , iam worry about her , she cant talk , she talk when she want something but the word she say is not clear but I understand her, she know all the names of my family and also her cusions names . Is she has speech delay . I take her to the doctors and after the examination he told me her talking is about 1.5 years not for a 2 years . How can improve her languge skills . Help me please . Thank you

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Continue what you are doing!!! All children develop at their own speed...language development is based on the average!! Some kids talk early and some a little later... You could call your local school or health department and see if there is an Early Childhood center, Early Intervention, Help Me Grow Program... they can help evaluate your daughter and give you pointers on things to do with her to encourage language development. Head Start would be another approach but these services are based on income. Seriously consider having her evaluated for a pre-school program for next school year. I work at a Special Education School and we have 2 pre-school programs which include students with delays and students developing normally. It is amazing the language growth that we have seen in both the typically developing and delayed students.

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Play word games with her like you mentioned but put more attention on the correct pronounciation. Like Horse not Horsey Stable not stabu
Try not to pressure her, she should feel good about words. Reading a bedtime story works really well. Try using books that use nice words and add pictures.

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Try not to give her anything unless she asks for it clearly. Talk to her all the time and give her a reward when she responds correctly.

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