Where abouts do you get your period pain?

Where abouts do you get your period pain??

Because sometimes I get them really really bad - and I mean bad. Like 3 months ago.. I woke up at like 6am and I just wanted to scream with pain !! I always get them round the front.. Like like follow your belly down, and about 5 inchs down, is where I get them,, basicaly near your base is where I get them :( and they proper hurt, sometimes I take pills. But they dont always hurt.. - and like last month.. I was only on my perdoid for 4 days :s .. Is that normal?? And sometimes, ill have blood. And then next day I wont, and then the next day I will :s..

Answer #1

yea that can be normal..it depends maybe your just irregular but if the pain persists to where it interferes with you daily routine then go to a doc to where he can prescribe something for you pain.

Answer #2

I wud see ur doc

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