How can I get full papers, so I can do dna to know the exact bree?

I have a pitbull , red nose terrier, but I would like to know his history, so what can I do to get a dna sample to find the exact breed he is from…pit bulls comes in a lot of breeds so please no dumb answers. I have 7 pitbulls, but I am only concern with one, because he is a rare color and I would like to get him registered for the pulling contest for feb

Answer #1

do they have like a pitball club thingy? try to contact them or like the kennel club type of people and ask them on how you could get a dna test etc… did you get this one from a breeder or as a resuce? As if you got this one from a breeder you could ask for more info (you most likely know that as you have 7) but if this dog had previous owners try to get them to get contact from the breeder… umm thats all I can think of =) x

Answer #2

I got a blue pit and I got papers on mine so I know the blood line is gotti and who his parents and grandparents are and what bloodline they come from.. so you need to get some papers

Answer #3

Thank you for the answer. its from a breeder, he told me the mother is a red boy, and I supplied the male which is also A redboy, but I can’t really trust that fully, so I want pure papers.. the kennel club sounds like a good idea, ty

Answer #4

If you have no where to start your search, then getting DNA won’t do any good, unless there is other DNA to compare it to…a highly expensive endevor. Maybe ask the breeder for a pedigree, to follow his lineage.


Answer #5

Ok, Unless you have papers you cannot find hes history (as in what line he comes from, gotti, razor edge,etc.)

Now I dont know a lot about weight pulling I only know about the Show ring. Im not sure if you need to have them registered or not like we do.

You can go to a clinic and request a DNA testing, it takes about a month and it will tell you if hes a pitbull or something else. it will NOT tell you what bloodline he has(who are hes parents, etc.) only that he is a pitbull.

Or you can call AKC or UKC as well and request a DNA test, their may be a slight chance the original breeder registered him or hes parents and you can find hes bloodline that way, but thats if you are lucky.

third option is, once you DNA him if he turns out to be purebred you can single register him. Not all registers accept it but NKC, CKC and I believe UKC allows it as well. But you need a DNA testing from a clinic and a Vets signature certifying the registration. It will basically register him but hes bloodline will be unknown. Those are some options to get him into weight pulling.

Great sport I had a 145lbs american bulldog that my husband used to do weight pulling with won almost every time, I was going to get my Bull Terriers into it but I decided to do obedience instead.

Good Luck

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