How can i gain weight fast, like 10 pounds?

Alright so im really skinny and I hate it. I eat all the time but never gain weight. And I'm not that active, I play one sport (tennis) which is in the beginning of the year. And sometimes I walk around outside, but that's basically it. What can I do to gain weight fast?thanks (:

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2 ways:

1. Have you ever ate mcdonalds food. some excersizes before bed every nite. Stiff like push ups and situps and if you go to extremes, you can do mission Impossibles.

Also , you shouldn't worry about your weight unless your doctor says your too skinny. If some guy told you you were skinny, tell him he's a jerk

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I had the same problem untill I found out bout video games get like a really hard game eat like a pig and dont exercise

How can I gain weight fast?

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In the future you will be wishing you were like this. You have a high metabolism.
Visit the local pharmacy, they have weight gain bars. This should boost ya up.

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I drink Ensure.. I put it in the freezer and it tastes like a chocolate milkshake but its purpose is for weight gain!

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I have the same problem :(

Fast For 10 days
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lol pretty much eat alot and dont exercise? i went on vacation for 4 months and gained about 15 pds. im trying to lose it now :( its so hard for me

How can I gain 10 pounds (I feel to skinny)?

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