How can I gain muscle in my butt and thighs?

My family is really skinny. We have really fast matabolisms. (Skinny legs, skinny arms, and a big stomach.) Our stomachs aren’t that big, but just the only thing that has fat on it on our bodies. My stomach is small, but I can only gain weight in my stomach; it doesn’t spread anywhere else. I eat like a mad woman and can eat anybody out of their house in a few minutes, but I still cant gain any weight. (I don’t have a tape worm!!) I decided to give up on trying to gain fat because it’s useless with my matabolism and genes. Now I am trying to find out some good and fast ways to gain muscle in my butt and thighs. PLEASE HELP ME IF you HAVE ANY ADVICE!!! I AM SO TIRED OF BEING CRITICIZED BECAUSE I’M SO SKINNY!!!

P.S. Even if you think your answer is dumb… tell me anyway. Who knows… it might work! :)

Answer #1

I have the same problem.. I have been doing squats but it’s not working :( I dont understand! I want to fit in my jeans right and dresses.. its so hard for me to find clothes

Answer #2

I deal with the exact same thing. and im always being called skinny. it so annoying. I would suggest doing squats also.

Answer #3

In order to gain “good weight” you must eat more protein and carbs. Eat more turkey, fish, beef, or chicken for your proteins. Eat more whole grain breads and pastas for your carbs, but not too much or you’ll get too big. You should eat about eight oz. of pastas or breads a day and about eight oz. of meat a day. Next thing, is to work out with light free weights at the gym three to five days a week if possible. If you have no experience working out, you can go to I hope this helps.

Answer #4

Try joining a dance class. It can be any type of dance. Jazz, Ballroom, Salsa…anything. This will keep you on your feet and moving around. Have you ever noticed that dancers always have the best bodies. In order to truly get nice legs and a firm tush, you will want to accompany the dancing with some cardio dance tapes at home, squats, or lift weights with your legs.

Answer #5

can someone tell me the proper way to do squats because i dont think im doing them right

Answer #6

Well I think in a sense its a good thing. I’m just like you except I’m short too. I don’t think its a bad thing to be called skinny. If you look at girls today almost all of them say “I’m fat.” This is almost like a blessing. But to gain muscle I would just consider going to a gym weekly and work out, if you can’t make a gym maybe just start doing push-ups and sit-ups as a start.

Well a method to gain fat is just to eat Mc Donalds. I’m strongly against it but if your really desperate then eat Mc Donalds for a week or so and I’m pretty sure you will feel and see a difference

Answer #7

Do squats…:)

Answer #8

Try this link for proper form (for squats):

Also, you can do lunges:)

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