How can i figure out what fit?

I need to order some more ram. For my computer. But I got no idea. On how to tell what size and what type to get. Where can I figure this out?

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- Click on "My Computer" and right-click "Properties."

- Click on the "General" tab.
under the word "Computer you'll find out the amount of RAM that you allready have in your'll say something like 1.00GB or RAM

- Check how much RAM your computer currently uses. To know how much RAM your PC currently uses to run the programs it does, open the "Taskbar"
(to open your task bar press "cntrl", "alt", "delete" simultaneously.

When in your task bar, you can click on the perfomance tab to see how much RAM (physical memory) uses in total. for example mine says

Total: 1046960
Available 651176
Cache (usage) 341776

Based on the above you can determine how much extra RAM you need (I.e. you'r pc uses most of the RAM and you need some more for games or just you want lets say 2GB instead of 1 GB in. (don't try and put in too much RAM in your pc, most pc's are only made for 4 GB of RAM at most and some actually slows down when you have too much RAM in it.

Then to determine what type, you'll have to open your pc case:
First TURN off your pc , turn it on its side and open it.

Then what I suggest is look for the RAM slots you allready have (take one chip out and take it with you to the pc shop you'll be buying it from, then you'll be sure that you'll get the right make for you pc. - the most common one is DDR2 (for pc's made from 2006 onwards)

Check the picture here to see what it looks like.

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Go to's three easy steps to find out which one you need...I've had VERY good luck anything I've gotten there, also.


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