How can I feel better about failing my drivers test?

I went through so much unfortunate luck before taking this test and now I failed it. It was my number goal to have it before this weekend and I can not describe how badly I wanted to get my license. And now I am crying, bawling and completly hysterical. Help?

Answer #1

no one died. You (hopefully) didn’t destroy the car and you only have to wait a month to take it again. I failed my test a few months ago and I got over it pretty fast. let yourself cry for a few days, and then when you calm down start driving and work on what you failed.

Answer #2

Driving for 45 minutes? Are you kidding? My test (5 years ago) involved driving for less than 10 minutes around one block, I made one right turn, made a 3 point turn, reversed a few feet and then parked.

But that is besides the point. All I can tell you is, one of my friends failed the written 3 times (he’d been driving for 4 years till that point) and my other friend failed his driving test twice (he’d been driving for 6 years till that point). It really does happen to the best of us. Including people who’ve had way more experience than you. So, you’ll take the test till you pass. You’re bound to pass at some point. Half the people on the road dont deserve to have licenses and they’ve managed to pass.

Answer #3

ok this is in no way a digg :)

I passed my test 1st time years ago.. infact it was 16/17 years ago dare I say :o

now driving tests were a lot easer back in them days. you just drove for 45 minutes and in them 45 mins you reversed parked and that was it. oh and at the end you were showen a few (around 10 and in the car after your 45 mins) signs you would see on the road and you had to get at least a few right.

now its a lot harder with the writen and practical… I have a feeling that if I would have taken my test today I would not have passed 1st time..

so just remember that its only a test and it can be taken again..

remeber: only a test so no point getting worked up cus your just proving to yourself that you not ready to be behind the wheel of a car (no disrespect) :)

Answer #4

I also took my test about 16 years ago, but it involved a lot more than driving for 45 minutes, even in ‘’them days.’’ Perhaps driving standards overseas are just now catching up to those in the States, I have no idea, but it was a very rigorous affair. So much so that I failed twice before getting my license. Don’t worry about it, it’s no big deal. It just means you need to keep practicing. Setting goals is fine, but beating yourself up over not achieving them doesn’t accomplish anything.

Answer #5

if it makes you feel better a friend of mine failed the driving portion of his test 4 times. His problem was he was kinda timid about driving, or maybe the tester just didn’t like him :P.

Answer #6

Well this is easy the first time I took my drivers test I failed and know my job is driving .just don’t be nuts about passing hell some lawyers fail the bar exam the first and even the second time .good luck

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