G1 driver licence

Hi…I live in Ontario, Tornoto I got some questions on the g1 test if yu may please answer them thanx…

1.Is the Test difficult. 2.Is there question like (when stopped vehile and flares around how many metres must you be apart—a.30m b.60m !!ETC!!) 3.How many questions are there on the test. 4.How many sections are on the test. 5.If there is 2 sections can I fail a total of 4 or more because it’s differnt section? 6.What is the maximum that I could get Wrong on the test to fail?

Answer #1
  1. It’s not difficult if you study.
  2. Yes.
  3. 25 questions

I’m not sure how many sections, but you need a 80% to pass.

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