How can I die my hair from dark brown 2 blonde without damaging it?

Hey I am naturally blonde but ages ago I died my hair dark brown almost black but it’s just dark brown. I want to go back blonde, like a golden blonde. But I really don’t want to damage my hair so much, I know either way it will get damage but its there a way I can do as a plan without so much damage? After I die my hair, I would like to put hair extensions in that I have already bought today off eBay, I am now just waiting for them to be delivered. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really like to impress my boyfriend :)

Answer #1

any form of dying hair will end in it getting damaged unfortunatly. as long as you dont dye it often you shouldnt notice any damage.

Answer #2

I would just dye it again… It’s not gonna damage your hair anymore then it did going from blonde to brown. Just make sure you get a bleach free blonde dye. Bleach murks your hair haha. xD Just get some really moisturizing shampoo’s/conditioner’s to use after. That’s what I do. My hair feels normal all the time except for IN the shower. =P

Answer #3

get two highlighting kits. :)

they are called “smart highlighting kits”

they work so well, but just put it all on your hair :) (thats why you get two)

you get them in superdrug. :)

Answer #4

I had dark brown, do not bleach it, bleach ruins it and its look so un-natural. just do a highlighting kit like someone said and over time you will be back to a blondie

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