How can I dye my damaged brown hair blonde???

my hair is dark brown an very weak an hard to grow, but I want it blonde with several highghts throughout. Can this be done without much damage??? Will it ever look very blonde??? What should do?

Answer #1

buy a GOOD rehydrating conditioner and obviously for a couple of weeks and then buy a few highlighting kits and every week and a half go through your hair with the highlights and keep hydrating it and eventually you should have a nice blonde hair colour with a few streaks of brown but if you carry on you should fase them out

Answer #2

well for starters it’s a bad idea to dye damaged hair so you should repair it be using rehydrating products,then when you dye it don’t use bleach because bleach will only damage it and won’t look natural.If you have any dougts consult your hairdresser.

Answer #3

dont bleach it what eva you do xP

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