How can I change the type of video file so I can use it in films?

I have some video clips and they are in the format of ‘quicktime’ 3GPP and I want to change it so I can use them in Windows movie maker as it wont allow me at the moment. How can I change the file type? and what do I need to change it to?

Answer #1

I use Zamzar to convert my video files to .wmv but some people say you get viruses off it. I haven’t yet but there is that risk.

Answer #2

I’ve got format factory (a program) which I use to convert media files. you may probably convert it to avi or mpg or wmv for windows movie maker to read it.

try this with caution: sometimes, I just change the extension of the file into what I want and it works ( I dunno why or how, it just does). like, abc.3gpp to abc.mpg. but I suggest you have a back up copy first of your file as it might not work and might render your file unreadable :)

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