How can i bulid up muscle in my stomach and arms over the winter?

Ok well, I'm in an athletics club and I do a lot of sport that involves me having to be able to hit heavy things (like people in rugby) and to throw, and also to look better and too have more muscle.
So I'd like to know what exercises can I do at home and not with much equiptment to build up my arms (biceps and triceps) and my stomach (abs)
Over the winter I have too bulid up my core strength so I'll have a good chance of doing well in the summer time (when all the competitiosn happen)
Cheers guys.
Also I might have to say that I'm 15 and weight just below 10 stone)

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Firstly for sports like athletics you need core strength which is your adombinal strength,
So with little equipment you can do many things, the most effective is -

Push ups deffinitley aim for 4 sets of 2 5( this breaks down your muscle, try to do them quick and straight it will pump you up)

sit ups and leg raises, elevate your legs for periods of 30 seconds or more, this will get you ripped if you continue to do it,

and another good one is bridge Holds this is one of the best things to do, it builds your lates, abs and pecs and biceps in one, its a resistance workout

I did all these in boxing and it got me a lot bigger..

but you need to eat right too, Lots of foods of protein, drink milk, eat cottage cheese, Nuts , red meat (steak fish etc) and lasty


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