How blizzards affect people?

How blizzards affect people?

Answer #1

Some people are not affected by blizzards at all.

Some people are affected physically by the obstacles that are put in their way and caused directly by blizzards… such as shoveling snow, difficult road travel, and being affected by cold temperatures. Many times schools, work places, roads and public events are cancelled do to the severity of some blizzards.

Mentally, some people get what is called “seasonal depression”. A condition that is actually recognized by the medical profession and there are injections that they can give you to help you combat this syndrome.

In addition to the depression that some patients are treated for, it is often suggested to them to replace light bulbs in their home with light bulbs that closer reflect the rays of the sun. Also to paint the inside of their home with brighter colors, and various other psychological things to help alleviate their seasonal depression.

In addition, quite often when a blizzard happens, the barametric pressure in the atmosphere changes. If the changes are drastic, the rapid change in the barametric pressure will quite often trigger pain in people suffering from artheritis… especially if the form of arthritis is of a worse type, such as gout.

Answer #2

It immobilizes them.

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