How bake a sweet potato?

How bake a sweet potato?

Answer #1

If you’re in a real hurry, pop it in the microwave for 8-10 mins. Before you do that, wash the skin a bit, and puncture it a few times with a fork. Oh man I LOVE sweet potatoes. I always forget to pick them up…

Answer #2

I’ll be doing some tomorrow for 50 people. Two ways I use are…just like a reg. pot. hot oven 45min-1hr. or you can split them brush with butter …and a third way …even better peeled large dice and tossed with olive oil and s&p maybe a little dill roasted on a cookie sheet…yum…parchment on the cookie sheet if you have it. good luck. enjoy

Answer #3

Wash the potato, then take aluminum foil & place butter in it. next wrap the potato in the foil. Bake on 450*..

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