How bad do ear piercings really hurt?

Okay im 13 have 2 lobe piercings didnt hurt and my belly button 2 didnt hurt so I want an industrial but I don’t know…out of all of the piercings you can get in the ear can you please rank them from most pain to painless Thanks Sonia

Answer #1

I got it at the age of 8 it does like geting a pinch but less not joking! <3

Answer #2

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. I never had a percing like that, but when I was at the tattoo parlor getting my belly and nose done at the same time, they saide that “ If you can handle a nose piercing, then you can handle any piercing. “ I believe that too. Hope that helps. :]

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Answer #3

I had my cartlige done (high) and it barley hurt but then I got my cartlige peirced like in the middle of my ear and it hurt really bad so aviod that one!!but the high cartlidge didnt hurt.. soo good luck:)

Answer #4

like nothing at all…seriously its looks way worse than it is…I had mine done 3 years ago and cant even remember the pain!!!

Answer #5

4 what piercing??

Answer #6

I just got my conch pierced Saturday and I swear I’m telling the truth when I say it barely hurt at all. I have my navel done too, and if you could handle that you’ll be fine. My navel piercing hurt five times as much as my conch piercing, and an industrial piercing will just feel like two conch piercings, I assume. The really annoying part is the healing time-always worse than the piercing itself.

Answer #7

8??? thats insane

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