How/are large vagina lips attractive ?

Im just wonderinq if larqe vaqina lips are attractive to males - I have them & I want to have sex with my boyfriend we have been tlkn for about a year & 7 months I trust him & I want him to be my first I have made this decision & im proud of it the thinq is im body cautious so I dont know if he wud be like eww he finqerd me already but he didnt say anythinq he was rather satisfied . Please help !!

Answer #1

im a girl and I think guys dont care as long as its a pussy.. if your worried about what he will say talk to him about it, it might make you feel better about this. if he says ewww or something just b like “a thts my body and if you love me you euldnt say that bye peace dummy” thts all

hope this helps u:)

Answer #2

Yea but I like the big loped 1s

Answer #3

Big lips are cool. So are small tight lips. Most guys just love pussies.

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